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International Health Insurance

Discovering the best international health insurance plan should be at the top of your list of priorities if you’re planning on traveling abroad. Thankfully, there’s a multifarious amount of options from which to choose from. More importantly, the majority of these health insurance plans are affordable, especially when compared to health insurance premiums and deductibles here in the US. Let’s take a look at which International Health Insurance companies are the best?

What are the Top Three International Health Insurance Companies

Here is a comprehensive list of the top three International Health Insurance companies that offer the Best International Insurance in regards to rates, customer service, paying claims, global Doctor and Healthcare networks, benefits, and coverage. Please be advised to review the terms of the policy meticulously and discuss your options with a broker who can help guide you through the process.

3 Best International Health Insurance Providers

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1. GeoBlue

GeoBlue – Designed for US citizens traveling abroad or Internationals Residing in the USA. GeoBlue is a subsidiary of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and offers both short-term travel medical plans as well as long-term international plans. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a Federation of 50 Independent Health Insurance providers in the United States. GeoBlue is a trading name of Worldwide Insurance Services, LLC (Worldwide Services Insurance Agency, LLC in California and New York), an Independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. GeoBlue Quote & Apply.

The GeoBlue Xplorer plan is a premium plan available to US citizens living abroad and ex-pats in the USA. Their base plans are more expensive than some other options but well worth the extra money when you get sick or injured. The premium level plans are priced the same, or less, than other plans with similar levels of cover.

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2. Cigna Global

Cigna Global Insurance is one of the first Insurance companies to offer expatriate or global insurance plans and they remain one of the leading International Health Insurance providers. Cigna Quote / Apply. Cigna Global is an excellent option for most internationals living abroad with comprehensive coverage in almost any country.

The Cigna Global plan offers clients a flexible plan designed to allow you the option to customize your plan to keep the benefits you prefer and to exclude those you don’t. Costs can further be managed with multiple deductibles and cost-sharing options. Their network of International Doctors and Hospitals is considered to be one of the largest in the world..


3. Allianz

Allianz is one of the largest Insurance providers in the world. Allianz Global Assistant is the International subsidiary of Allianz Worldwide Partners and part of the Allianz Group. The company is well known for its International network, International Travel coverage and providing International Health Insurance for employees and Private Contractors who work abroad. Quote / Apply

Put protection at your fingertips with the free Allianz TravelSmart app, the simple way to manage your Allianz Travel Insurance plan on the go. With easy-to-use features to help you stay safe and organized on your trips, Allianz TravelSmart may just be the perfect travel companion—and you don’t even have to make room for it in your carry-on.

Since the early 1900s, Independent rating agencies were established to evaluate the worthiness of financial instruments of railroad companies. Over the years, multiple rating agencies have developed a more extensive rating standard across various industries. Today, the leading rating agencies include Standard and Poor’s and AM Best.

Typically, these rating agencies use an alphabetical standard to identify which companies have extremely strong financial strength:

  • AM Best uses a scale from A++ (Superior) down to F (Liquidation); According to AM Best, a company with a B+ (Good) or higher rating is classified as financially secure, while any lower rating is categorized as vulnerable.
  • Standard and Poor’s uses a scale from AAA (Extremely Strong) down to CC (Extremely Weak); Standard & Poor’s requires that “all health care insurers in the secure range are expected to maintain at least ‘BBB’ level.”

This rating index is especially important as it will help ensure that your plan will have sufficient funds to pay any claims that you may incur. One of the most important functions of this system is that it also allows you can compare other insurance plans based on industry standards from independent agencies.

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