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Towerhillcorp is an online based Insurance Agency that specializes in Insurance solutions for Life, Health, Ancillary and Business Insurance. You can shop and compare plans or request help from a Broker.

Online Access

Towerhillcorp provides an online platform giving you direct access to multiple AM Best top rated insurance carriers. Shop and compare plans and customize your policy to fit your needs and budget.

International Coverage

Domestic or abroad, we have you covered. Towerhillcorp offers insureds direct access to International Insurance carriers who specialize in International Health,Travel and Term Life Insurance.


Travel Health Insurance Basics: Part 2

Frank Gillingham, MD In Travel Health Insurance BasicsPart 1, I discussed the importance of travel insurance and listed the three major coverages to consider: (1) supplemental health/medical, (2) medical evacuation, (3) trip cancellation/interruption. Here are some other key points about travel insurance, and a discussion about why insurance isn’t enough: Multi-Trip vs. Single Trip Plans. Some plans […]

travel health insurance

Travel Health Insurance Basics: Part 1

The simple fact is that many international travelers do not have appropriate insurance protection. Government sponsored health programs such as Medicare almost never cover care received in a foreign country. Employer-sponsored plans often limit overseas coverage to emergency care only (and the burden will be on you to prove it’s an emergency).